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An extensive, yet select, range of 
Canadian & Global, Certified,Organic,
Natural, Vegan, Gluten-Free Cosmetics,
Body-care & Skin-care products

This no guilt 100% biodegradable toothbrush will breakdown in just 4 months being exposed to the elements, all thanks to the Nylon4, charcoal infused bristles and bamboo materials which it uses. That is all great but the real positive is in how this brush performs in its primary dental tasks.

Unlike normal toothbrushes which have bristles shaved off perpendicular, PearlBar bristles are tapered. This tapering allows the bristles to clean and get right in between your teeth to act as floss would. Effortlessly dislodging food particles wedged in between the teeth. It has a great reach into the mouth and is extremely gentle on your teeth.

Isn't it time to that you test drive the PearlBar toothbrush and keep your pearly's sparkling white and protect our oceans? For more info "CLICK HERE"

Supplying Natural & Organic products at Wholesale Prices - Canada wide!

Luxury and high quality Natural & Organic products sourced for the Canadian Retail market.
We focus on finding the best certified  Natural & Organic products which will add great value to your store offering.
We have a great product range to choose from!
We  partner with responsible manufacturers and like-minded retailers, to bring high quality eco-based / natural / organic goods to the eco-minded Canadian consumers who have a vested interest in protecting our pristine and precious environment. 

Our brands are market leading, offer excellent profit margins and are genuinely green / natural & organic.

Each company / brand that we partner with, has a definite and transparent commitment to going green and this can be verified by the organisations to which they subscribe. Brands such as Deep Steep Affordable Luxury Body Care, Olivella 100% pure Virgin Olive Oil Body Care, Bass Natural & Organic Brushes, Lotus Organic Cosmetics and Taza Organic Chocolates.  

Examples of certifications associated with our brands are as follows....

Green Product Certifications


S I L K.
Now in Canada!

Hey there SnowBirds. Tan before you go!
Ask for SILK when booking your Spray Tan.
Delicious Oganic goodness that is long-lasting, fades so evenly, and has no burnt biscuit smell! Let us know your tanning salons name and we will contact them on your behalf.
 email us at sales@greenhouse-marketing.ca