Invest in Naturally Formulated products that "don't cost-the-earth"

Luxury and high quality products are often produced with little regard for the environment. At Greenhouse Marketing - Canada, we believe that everyone can and should, be making a difference to lighten their footprints on Mother Earth.

As consumers we have the power to make a difference

when we evaluate & finally choose one product above another, in our day to day purchasing decisions.

With this in mind we seek to partner with responsible manufacturers and like-minded retailers, to bring high quality eco-based / natural / organic goods to the eco-minded Canadian consumer. Consumers who have a vested interest in protecting our pristine and precious environment. 

When evaluating a principals products, we consider various criteria such as product ingredients, product sourcing, sustainable and recyclable packaging, distribution modes as well as post consumer use strategies.

Each company that we partner with, has a definite and transparent commitment to going green and this can be verified by the organisations to which they subscribe. Examples this are as follows....



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