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Buy Natural & Organic products at Wholesale Prices

Luxury and high quality Natural & Organic products sourced for the Canadian Retail market.

We focus on finding the best certified  Natural & Organic products which will add great value to
your store offering.

We have a great product range to choose from!
We  partner with responsible manufacturers and like-minded retailers, to bring high quality eco-based / natural / organic goods to the eco-minded Canadian consumers who have a vested interest in protecting our pristine and precious environment. 

Our brands are market leading, offer excellent profit margins and are genuinely green / natural & organic.

Each company / brand that we partner with, has a definite and transparent commitment to going green and this can be verified by the organisations to which they subscribe. Brands such as Deep Steep Affordable Luxury Body Care, Olivella 100% pure Virgin Olive Oil Body Care, Bass Natural & Organic Brushes, Lotus Organic Cosmetics and Taza Organic Chocolates.  

Examples of certifications associated with our brands are as follows....

Green Product Certifications



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Taza Chocolate Range

Looking for the finest organic, stone ground, rustic, texture of Mexican chocolate.  available in Canada? Greenhouse Marketing Group has got them!