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To Do List - Thursday

Posted by greg@greenhouse-marketing.ca on April 28, 2016 at 11:10 AM

Your weekend starts today!

Okay we all know the acronym T.G.I.F and we all look forward to it!.

But what about F.I.S.T? Can’t really "spell this one out" but it is the first thing that comes to mind when you wake up, thinking it's Friday ....but it’s actually only Thursday.

Well, Tan Organic is setting out to change this horrible feeling you get when the work-week doesn't seem to want to end and will make Thursdays really great for you. Why? Because Thursday's are fast becoming Self Tan days in Canada.

When you wear a Tan Organic Tan, this is the day which you look forward to all week and you know when you get your tan on, you feel great, the compliments come your way and you know you are wearing the safest, most nutritious natural tan that your money can buy. Also, a Tan Organic tan is one that does not leave you smelling like the proverbial,” burnt biscuit" and it’s a tan that looks 100% natural...because it is. 100% natural ingredients and certified organic.

Thursday is tanning time. That’s right with Tan Organic, the ultimate in sunless tanning for those on the move.

Apply it today and reap in the benefits for seven whole days. All you have to do is follow the golden rules of tanning. You know: exfoliation and hydration as the key to achieving a flawless faux tan is all in the preparation!

Exfoliation of the skin is crucial in achieving optimal skin tone and radiance. The award winning TanErase exfoliates the skin ever so gently so not only does it create a closer shave while removing dead skin layers, it ensures a perfect fade and a more even tan, leaving skin smooth and soft to touch. Do this 24 hour before you tan or at least the night before (Wednesday night).

Hydration is vital in maintaining you tan and keeping it from becoming dull and washed out looking. Oil Arganic is the ideal solution made from the golden oil of Morocco, Argan. It is body oil that does not contain water so the moisture is absorbed immediately into the skin. Oil Arganic will work wonders in improving the longevity of your tan. Apply it to suspect areas like knees, knuckles, elbows and any scarring you have, at least 30 minutes before applying Tan Organic.

When you’re up against the endless demands life can bring, looking your best can become last priority and this is very common especially amongst working mums. It is important to pamper yourself, so you can look and feel your best as we all have experienced, how you look on the outside - reflects how you feel on the inside. You can feel confident seven days a week while continuing to check off your to-do list.

So go on...make Thursdays your tanning day and a day to really look forward in the week.

Replace the grind of Thursday with Tan Organic. It will change Thursdays forever!

So it's gonna rain this weekend!

Posted by greg@greenhouse-marketing.ca on April 22, 2016 at 8:00 PM

The #weather channel says that many parts of this great country are getting rain for the #Weekend. No fear, grab your @tanorganic_ca and get your tan on!

Available at Pharmasaves, @PurePharmacy, @BroadmeadPharma, @naturesfare, @AgelessMagazine and many other natural health stores and pharma. If its not in your favourite health store just ask for it! They will get it for you.

Its time to get your tan on & show it off!

Deep Steep Spring Specials

Posted by greg@greenhouse-marketing.ca on March 10, 2016 at 1:40 AM

Don’t miss this ‪#‎weekend‬ Spring Specials @Health Express ‪#‎White‬ Rock


Spring is almost here so it's time to scrub away the dead winter skin and make way for the new. Often we focus on exfoliating our limbs and often neglect our hands. Deep Steep's combo Hand Scrub and Hand Cream is the most luxurious and natural way to achieve soft and rejuvenated hands using completely natural ingredients.


Seven exotic scents to choose from, like Grapefruit Bergamot, Honeydew Spearmint, Brown Sugar Vanilla, Tangerine Melon etc.


Be sure to get on down to Health Express #White Rock this weekend as they are running a super @Deep Steep BOGOF (Buy-one-get-one free) Spring Special.


Buy any Deep Steep hand cream & get a Deep Steep hand scrub absolutely free! So hurry on down and get this amazing deal while stocks last.

Monday is Leap Day

Posted by greg@greenhouse-marketing.ca on February 28, 2016 at 2:35 PM


It comes around every four years and this year it falls on a Monday.

Supposedly we get an extra day in our lives, but as leap day 2016 is falling on a Monday, it seems that this really special day is destined to be...just another day! Unless of course we make it become something special!

Its a time to do something different and take a leap into the unknown or take this extra day to do the things you have been procrastinating over. Here are a couple suggestions:

• Stop stressing out and take up a Yoga class or just take time out to breathe http://greatist.com/happiness/breathing-exercises-relax

• Find a reason to laugh...sometimes hard to do on a Monday.

• Connect with your long lost friends and send them a leap card http://browse.postcards.org/postcards/cards/0214/

• Try a meat-free Monday or go to that new restaurant! If you have to work, grab a couple colleagues and head off to a juice bar for a healthy out of office experience.

• If you can't take the day off - after work treat yourself to a facial, a spa treatment or go out and get yourself a pamper kit! This day is for you!

• Pay it forward and help others or express your gratitude for these extra 24 hours in your life.

• Propose. This is traditionally a day when women have been known to do the proposing. If it's the right partner for you..what are you waiting for! (Just be sure though before taking the plunge!)

• Be the unexpected influence in your day or someone elses.

Whatever you do don't let these extra 24 hours in 2016 be lost to the everyday routine.

Have a wonderful and happy Leap Day 2016, brought to you by #naturalbeauty and #deepsteep

Find Deep Steep at #Pharmasave and other natural stores across Canada


Tan Organic on the Road

Posted by greg@greenhouse-marketing.ca on February 27, 2016 at 12:50 AM

Tan Organic is heading to Okanagan!

Nature's Fare will soon be offering their customers, the World's Best and only eco-certified organic self-tanning product - Tan Organic. Made from 84% Aloe Vera Aloe Vera plant (which is actually part of the Lily family) has been called “nature’s first aid kit” thanks to its many beneficial properties.

With more than 75 nutrients & 200 active compounds (20 minerals, 18 amino acids & 12 vitamins), the Aloe plant is composed of 99.3% water (which accounts for the cooling sensation it brings to skin). Modern research has also shown that Aloe Leaf hydrates, softens, soothes & nourishes the skin.

Tan Organic contains dozens of other highly beneficial ingredients, such as Borage Oil, Argan Oil, Beet Vulgaris, Jojoba Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Coconut Oil , Evening Primrose Oil, Olive Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Orange Peel Oil and so the list goes on.......

Just goodness and nothing that will do any harm to your body.

Want to see more, check out this link http://www.tanorganic.com/ingredients/ or soon you can make your way down to your local Nature's Fare Market and ask for it there.

Go on, and get your spring tan on!

With Tan Organic you can safely say that "it's the weekend everyday"!

Buy Tan Organic in Victoria BC

Posted by greg@greenhouse-marketing.ca on February 25, 2016 at 8:00 PM


Tan Organic has just reached the Island and is now available at these fine stores:

  • Pharmasave Broadmead

  • The Market on Millstream

  • Pharmasave Oak Bay

  • Ageless Living

If you would like Tan Organic to be stocked at a Pharmasave store nearer your location, simply request it from the local Pharmasave cosmetic manager. Tan Organic is listed Nationally with Pharmasave, so it is really easy for them to bring it in for you.

Tan Organic Sample Product has been made available to the above stores so we encourage you to visit them and try it out. Experience what an Organic Tan feels like and how great it looks. .and how great it looks on you. In case you did not know, Tan Organic has a pleasant citrus aroma so you will not smell like a freshly "burnt biscuit" walking by.

Spring is upon us so it's time to get a great tan on. Make sure its tan that won't compromise your health and leave you orange and streaky. So make it a tan by Tan Organic.

Why don't the Big guys Get It!

Posted by greg@greenhouse-marketing.ca on February 24, 2016 at 5:00 PM

J&J has been ordered to pay damages to the family of a woman who died of cancer believed to have been caused by the company's talcum powder.

In particular, those manufactures of Body Care and Cosmetic products, who have faced the might of the modern day consumer before and still continue to manufacture products which contain harmful ingredients.

You'd think that after the issue which they had faced with the No More Tears baby shampoo, which I may add that today is considerably cleaner, that J&J would have cleaned up the rest of their product range by now. More than 2 years back a headline in the New York Times stated “Johnson & Johnson's decision to reformulate its baby products is the first step in an effort to remove an array of increasingly unpopular chemicals from its personal care products”. Okay so they removed the formaldehyde from one product so what about the rest?

Today's savvy and powerful consumers armed with information and social media tools are a force to be reckoned with.

The message is simple ...

To all manufacturers...Clean up your act or your consumers will do it for you.

A better solution for consumers is to simply choose an all-natural product instead...because it seems that the big guys just don't care!

Great natural products are available which perform equally well if not better and bottom line is…that consumer health has a real hefty price tag!

Visit www.greenhouse-maketing.ca