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Got a belly bump but now you're thinking for two

Posted by greg@greenhouse-marketing.ca on August 17, 2016 at 11:15 AM


So you've got a belly bump, but you still wanna have fun in the sun. The problem is that you are now thinking for two. Is it safe to be in the sun whilst pregnant or should you seek your tan from other sources?

According to a great article by the Canadian Mother Resource and the American Pregnancy Association, here are key points of what soon to be moms should be aware of:

In a tanning bed.

Whilst your baby is not directly exposed to UV rays, overheating the body especially in the first trimester may lead to issues associated with spinal malformations in the baby.

On the Beach.

Although this carries the same concerns as above with regards to keeping the body cool, the skin of a pregnant person is often more sensitive and exposure to direct sunlight can lead to heat rashes or hives. Of course limited exposure is good for our overall health and wellbeing but long extended periods in the sun is not recommended.

From a Bottle.

As the article suggests "this may be the best option" there is a concern about the DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) and its ability to penetrate the skin and enter into the bloodstream and ultimately find its way to the unborn baby. Many Fake Tan products contain synthetic DHA products which are manufactured form chemicals.


So while a fake-tan from a bottle is considered the safest form of tanning, especially while you are an expecting mom, how do you know it’s a product that won’t cause harm to you or your baby? Well it’s not that easy, because many product manufacturers hide toxic ingredients under many legal pseudonyms that are not that obvious to the trusting consumer.

So why take the chance? Rather choose the product that has turned the self-tanning market on its head, uses only certified organic products, has a vegetable based DHA derived from sugar cane and carries the Eco-Cert label to prove that they are Certified Organic. #tanorganic is deliberately packaged in glass bottles due to the fact that glass is inert and unlike plastic containers, does not allow toxins such as phthalates to leach into the product and spoil the integrity of Tan Organic’s award winning self-tan products.

Without that typical and awful fake tan smell, Tan Organic provides a pleasant and subtle citrus scent, a perfectly natural looking and a tan that has an even fade.

#Tanorganic …. the perfect match for you and baby. Available in Canada at leading Spa's, Health, Pharma, and health concious whole food & natural food stores.

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