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Is your skin resembling an old Rust Bucket?

Posted by greg@greenhouse-marketing.ca on August 26, 2016 at 7:05 PM

You're a proud #Canadian and like most of us, you love putting up the #outofoffice sign & heading for the great #outdoors. With 4 distinctly different seasons throughout the year, you're out there under the sun, swimming, hiking, climbing, biking, and then you are off skiing, more hiking, snow boarding snowshoeing and the list goes on. One sure thing is that you are constantly exposing yourself to the elements on both sides of the seasonal spectrum.

So, how do you care for your body's largest & perhaps most critically important organ? Yes we are talking about your skin.

This often taken for granted organ is the body's first line of defense. From sun damage through to exposing it to ice cold temperatures, isn't it time you gave your skin some respect, some attention and some real #TLC?

Did you know that @Convenion has developed a highly effective range of cutting edge Skin Care products which mimic the epidermis (outer layer of skin) and whilst protecting it, nourishes the skin with specific, all-natural and active ingredients?

Adiuvance (Adi-U-Vance) is a unisex product manufactured with natural ingredients which is designed for normal to dry skin of all ages.

Enjoy the comfort provided by the immediate care if you regularly suffer from dryness on your face or body. You will find that almost instantly the skin becomes soft, elastic , soothed & protected.

This makes Adiuvance ideal for adventurous Canadians and it also performs well as an after sun product for the face and body.

Ask for Adiuvance today and give your skin the added layer of protection and nourishment it needs, before the damage sets in! Adiuvance is available in a 150ml value pack!

Available at leading exclusive Pharma stores, Salons & Spa's or buy direct from our e-store at http://www.greenhouse-marketing-group.com/convenion-products

Now you've got the tools to avoid your skin resembling an old rust bucket!



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