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Thermal Hot Brush

$59.75 $79.99


This has got to be the best advancement in hair in the century.

It combines the effect of brushing and straight ironing and saves you a heap of time. Imagine taking just 2 minutes to straighten your short - medium length hair or 5-8 minutes for long hair.

Most hair straightening can take 20 - 30 minutes of your time or even more depending on your hair type.


  • Anti-Burn Protection - The technology behind the Anti-Burn Protection keeps the heat where it's supposed to be and won't burn your hair, ears or your hand!
  • Patented Anion Technology - removes static electricity from your hair and combines with the air to produce moisture, helps nourish the hair and leaves it soft straight, but with volume.
  • Ready to straighten in just 60-90 seconds
  • Auto shut-off after one hour of use is a built-in safety measure.
  • Easy to read LCD display

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