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Tired of wasting your money trying and testing ineffective, toxic skin care products promising the 
"Fountain of Youth"? 

Are you looking for a facial care range that: 
  • Is manufactured with highest quality natural ingredients 
  • Is designed specifically to treat the physiological needs of mature, sensitive and dry skin 
  • Combats premature aging?
  • Is not just an emulsion of water and oil with fancy packaging and high paying adverts
  • Is sold in economical sizes
  • Contains no preservatives, perfumes or toxic ingredients.

Unlike other products, Convenion does not promise a "fountain of youth" but instead it effectively mimics the outer layer of skin, providing immediate protection from environmental factors and then delivers specifically formulated ingredients to nourish, feed and treat your skin ....getting it to looks its best.

The basis of Convenion Cosmetics is a cream base, using leading-edge high-tech "nano-technology" processes, that effortlessly imitate the lipid structure of the skin’s upper layer whilst feeding the skin the most effective natural hydrating, plumping and healing ingredients. 

This is why it is highly prescribed & recommended by leading plastic surgeons & Dermatologists both around the world and right here in Canada!


So why is it that Cosmetic Surgeons & Dermatologists recommend Convenion Cosmetics?

* Non-Complicated Cosmetic Regime
An easy-to-use and uncomplicated skin care range with high quality, natural ingredients has been developed for exacting and sophisticated men and women.

* Skin Types
The products have been adapted to meet the physiological needs of mature, sensitive, dry and even sun damaged skin in order to combat premature aging.

* Hi-Tech Design

The basis of the products is a cream base manufactured using leading-edge high tech processes that imitates the lipid structure of the skin’s upper layer.

* Natural Ingredients

Only skin-related, natural lipids of plant origin are used for this cream base, such as ceramide, squalane, triglyceride and phospholipids. They protect the top layer of the skin against environmental influences and they are excellent for caring for sensitive skin.

* Nano-Emulsion Effective Ingredients

Convenion products contain added ingredients that have specific effects: e.g. vitamin A, vitamin C, Coenzyme Q 10, Hyaluronic acid, phytohormones and grape seed extract. These are encapsulated in a nano-emulsion that penetrates the skin and protects against oxidation.

* Preservative & Toxin Free

As a result of the new type of cream structure, preservatives, emulsifiers, mineral oil derivatives and amines are not necessary. The creams do not contain any colourings or perfumes.
In order to achieve the best possible effect only a small, so more highly concentrated amounts of active ingredients, which are proven to be effective, are selected.


Why Does Convenion's Performance rank so high?

Convenion is no ordinary cosmetic cream. 

So many products on the market are emulsions of oil and water and even water and oil. Does your cosmetic cream label so water (Aqua) as the first and primary ingredient? Should you really be paying for water?

Convenion is not water based and is in fact is so specialised that it falls in the category of Derma  Membrane Structure (DMS) creams.

What is a DMS Cream?

A DMS is a high technically designed product containing select  ingredients that mimic the outer layer of the skin, which has super effective ingredients that get to work below this "mimicked" skin layer. The "mimicked" skin layer is formed to protect the skin from further damage from environmental factors (sun, cold, chemicals) so that the effective ingredient can do their work with limited disruption.

Recommended by Dermatologist and Cosmetic Surgeons alike

Convenion is so effective that both Dermatologists and Cosmetic surgeons recommend it especially pre and post op, addressing sun damaged skin, sensitive skin and mature skin types.

So which product is right for you?

Convenion has 3 specifically designed DMS creams for Oily, Dry or Normal skin types and skin that is collagen depleted, sun damaged,  or highly susceptible to exposure of adverse weather conditions. Take a closer look at the products to find the product best suited to your skin condition.