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Whilst our goal is to partner with organizations who are conscious about the environment and use all natural ingredients so that our consumers can enjoy high quality, eco-sensible luxury products, we cannot forget those who do not have the god given normal appearance which many of us take for granted every day.

Appearances that bring them ridicule, shame and even rejection from society, no matter how good a person they are within. They simply deserve a fair chance in life but with distorted facial features, one thing is certain..... they will not get this fair chance, without the help of caring others.

200 hundred doctors around the world are doing their part providing voluntary services and we reach out to you to help us as caring Canadians to do our part in bringing a smile to a child.

With your help, every time you buy one of Greenhouse Marketing's products you make a contribution to our Operation Smile account. Twice a year we make a payment to the foundation made up of both our own contributions and that from product sales.

All contributions are paid directly into our Smile Account which is managed by Smile Canada so you can rest assured that we are putting both your and our organisation's contributions to work where they should be.

Every $240 which we raise is sufficient to give one of these needy children a smile that they can be proud of. Please consider making a donation to our Natural-Beauty Canada campaign.

Thank you Canada for caring!