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Rebels Refinery - Natural  Body Care Essentials for Men!

That's right. A product for Real Men...and made by 100% Canadian men!
Okay guys, we know that you are tired of using skincare products made by the same manufacturers of your sisters, mothers or even grandmothers skincare range. 

Also you know the dangers of the chemicals which these so-called "ethical" manufacturers slip into  skincare products! 

Well, we hear you and feel the same way!

You deserve a MANLY, CLEAN (toxin free), and AFFORDABLE range made just for men.

So look no further, because this is it man!

oh...and to those partners of us men who are always saying "He is just so hard to buy for" there are no more excuses. 

THIS IS WHAT MEN WANT. THIS IS WHAT MEN NEED! "and some TLC (every now and then)"
These guys caught the eye of Dragon's Den Canada extraordinaire, Arlene Dickinson, when the other  "less adventurous geysers" on the panel couldn't see the value, she could.

Even a Rebel needs a woman's touch!

Rebels Refinery Men's Body Care Essentials is what you have been waiting for. Go out and get some today!
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Rebels Refinery Essentials
Rebels on the Dragons Den