Importer & Distributor of Natural, Certified Organic & Eco products  

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We really understand retailing and above all we are small enough to care about things critical to your business, such as: 

Stock turn - Until such time that you know the offtake of a product it could be risky to order by the case lot. This is why we are prepared for our customers top buy less-than case lots until such time that offtake warrants full case purchases.

Fill rates -   We pride ourselves on having a near perfect fill-rate, which is above 99.5% . 

Margins - We offer products with retailer margins that are in line with or above industry standards.

Order turn-around times - Generally we offer a 48 hour order turn-around time and upon request, urgent orders received before 11:00am PST can be shipped same day. (Week days only)

Customer Service - We are always accessible and will respond same day but never later than 24 hours during normal work week. We don't work though call centres and will never have someone respond to you who is not a key part of our business. 

Product Quality - We offer a no quibble service on product damages, or returns from customers. We don't expect you to have the dialogue with the consumer regarding our products. We will quickly accept that as our responsibility and will contact the consumer directly on your behalf.

You deal directly with us - We do not delegate your business to some other party, nor do we palm you off from pillar to post. When you need us, we are here for you and ready to respond. Plainly put .... we are only successful if you are....so we are always willing to hear you out!

and probably our biggest point of difference...
We have a well balanced portfolio of brands. Unlike most other larger distributors, who have 1 mainstay or flagship brand, our portfolio is balanced. What this means is that we are focused right across our range and do not focus on what the one flagship brand needs and are not a "dictated" to by 1 "critical" supplier. All our products deserve and receive our full attention, so you can rest assured that we are always supporting you where you need us to be.

Give us a call or send us an email and we will get right back to you! You'll be pleased that you did!